Why Sir Alex Ferguson Underachieved at Manchester United

However it could be argued that he had a greater competitive advantage over his rivals for a longer period than these managers due to Manchester United’s rise as a global superpower. His Aberdeen side won 3 Scottish championships, 4 Scottish cups and a league cup, all won within his 8 year spell at the manager. Fergie believes in control and discipline. David Beckham, Jaap Staam, and Roy Keane are three such high-profile cases. Perhaps Fergie was coming to achieve the dominance he craved near the end of his career as from 2008-11 he reached 3 out of 4 European finals, an achievement if he had sustained earlier then he would have become the all time best.

Fergie won 2 European Cups in 22 years. Possibly the only depth of young talent to come through in bulk like that were the Busby Babes of the 1950s and the Quality Street kids of the late 60s and early 70s at Celtic.

European Failure

To be considered the very best then you have to prove it. So Fergie, in his 26 years at United we can remove 4 when he wasn’t allowed to be in Europe. This goes for any sport. Ironically once Cantona retired, Fergie finally gained the European success at United he craved.

Fergie can also be credited with bringing through a talented stream of youth players. He contested 4 European cup finals in total winning 2. The number of trophies he won both at Manchester United and more impressively at Aberdeen is not debatable. The Glasgow clubs have a duopoly on Scottish titles and cups with almost 100 league titles between them in around 120 years of competition. This is an impressive success rate over a sustained period in charge of a football club. He has let many players who did not agree with his view go. Pep Guardiola won 2 with his superb Barcelona team in just 4 seasons.


Fergie’s greatest success was with Aberdeen. Fergie broke this mould along with to a lesser extent Jim McLean at Dundee United. Blackburn Rovers and their millionaire owner Jack Walker ‘bought success’ when they won the title in 1995. Fergie broke his own rule. Brian Clough won 2 with little Nottingham Forest! Bob Paisley won 3 European Cups in a very short spell. If you are unlucky and lose a few times in the big events (Jimmy White was a perennial loser in snooker’s World Championship and golfer Colin Montgomerie may have won 8 European Order of Merits but he could never win a major championship and there are 4 a season in golf) then you are atalented person or coach but you are not the best.

Domestic Success

This is the foundation ofFergie’s reputation. This may impress some, but if he was the manager of Ipswich Town or Sunderland and had done this, then it is an impressive record. However, his greatest achievement was actually ending the Old Firm dominance of Scottish Football by Celtic and Rangers. Fergie won 2 European Cups in 22 years. He was outspent in his early years by the likes of Juventus and Real Madrid but in his later years he could attract the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo away from the European giants to play for him at Old Trafford.

Fergie took over at United in 1986 when English clubs were banned from Europe. However he contested 8 European Cup semi finals, again winning 4. It could also be argued that when the European Cup was revamped to the Champions League he gained an advantage previous British and European managers never had. Critics of the Scottish league would say that for Jock Stein or Walter Smith to win many championships at Celtic and Rangers is down to the lack of competition in a ‘poor’ Scottish league, then one could argue that Fergie may not have had a great deal of competition too. And 2 European Cup Winners Cup (1 with United and 1 with Aberdeen).. This ban was lifted in 1990 and Fergie won the Cup Winner’s Cup in 1991 at the first time of asking when United beat Barcelona 2-1. United’s goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar had went the wrong way!

Pantheon of Greats

Without question Sir Alex Ferguson is an all time great. If we include non-British managers then Jose Mourinho has won 2 in the space of 12 years already and with different clubs (Porto and Internazionale). He knew Cantona was the best player in his team and he would do anything to keep him at the club. This is perhaps a tad unfair, but when we go into Europe it does hold.

The Myth

Manchester United’s former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager in the history of football. However hiscontrol was found lacking during Eric Cantona’s infamous ‘kung fu’ kick at a spectator. In 2008 in the first all English final in Moscow, Chelsea’s captain John Terry had a penalty kick to win the trophy but he slipped and hit the post. He took the club from Scotland’s oil capital and won the 1983 European Cup Winner’s Cup in the Swedish city of Gothenburg against the mighty Real Madrid. Obviously a lot of credit has to go to the scouts and youth coaches too. So Fergie didn’t even have to win the league!

The 2 wins Fergie achieved were also in very dramatic circumstances and could easily have went the other way. Indeed the so-called “Class of ’92” which included Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Beckham and the Nevilles is rare in British football. It is often overlooked that United outspent many rivals in the late 80s and early 90s. His trophy count outstrips them massively. His first final in 1999 saw United trail Bayern Munich 1-0 as the game went into injury time. I believe he underachieved in the European Cup. He has won 13 Premier League championships with United. But as manager of Manchester United – “The Biggest Club in the World” then it doesn’t look so good. But United outspent them over the 1990s.

The Truth

Sir Alex, or ‘Fergie’ as he is known, is one of the greatest managers in British football, but when you considerdifferent judging criteria he comes up short as the best of all time. He had a financial superiority over his domestic rivals for years until Chelsea turned up in 2004 under Russian oligarch Roman Ambramovitch. More than 1 team from each country could now contest the big prize. However only 2 wins in European football’s premier competition in 26 years shows he cannot be classed as the best.

Modus Operandi

First of all let’s look at his methods. You have to win the big competitions. Remarkably United scored twice in 3 minutes from David Beckham corners to pip the Germans. And I’ll tell you why.

This is where domestic trophies should always be discounted when we discuss the best managers. This was true at Aberdeen and again at United. It is one of British sports great “What If” questions to imagine what Fergie would have achieved at Aberdeen? What would Scottish football have been like in the 1990s? And what would Manchester United, Sky Sports, and the English Premiership have been like without Fergie and his all-conquering United side?

Over 22 years of leading United into Europe, Fergie would have to have won 4 or 5 European Cups to merit the “Greatest Ever” tag. His longevity at United is comparable to the likes of Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest), Matt Busby (Manchester United) and Jim McLean (Dundee United). 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups and 2 European Champions League trophies

Sports :: Basketball Live Feeds

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Megan Fox Look-Alike Granted The Title Of ‘Miss BumBum’

Not bad for having a shapely behind.

Meanwhile, Megan refers to herself on Instagram as a “child of the Cherokee Tribe, forest nymph, Lunar Leo, mother, goddess to 2 bohemian revolutionaries,” which are her children. Claudia Alende has received almost 200,000 Facebook likes since she shares several racy photos of herself in lingerie. Now it looks like Megan Fox’s lookalike is setting out to become an internet sensation.

Although the brunette beauties couldn’t be any more different from each other, they sure do share striking looks as seen in their photos below. Meanwhile, it’s been rumored that Fox, 29, has had work done to her face, including a nose job. They both have high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, light blue eyes, and full pouts. The judging panel determines which pageant beauty not only has the best looks, but the best bum in the country.

What are your thoughts on Claudia Alende? Do you think she’s a spitting image of Megan Fox? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

While Megan Fox is making headlines for her shocking split from husband Brian Austin Green, Claudia Alende is making headlines for her spitting image to the actress.

Megan Fox Look Alike Granted The Title Of ‘Miss BumBum’

The winner of the Miss BumBum pageant receives 50,000 Brazillian Real money or $14,307.19. Although she lost out to winner Indianara Carvalh, she’s still calls herself Miss BumBum, as do her fans. Much to the dismay of her fans, you won’t see her taking lingerie photos anytime soon.

The beauty has become an overnight sensation because of her striking resemblance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star. Megan Fox doesn’t like to pose in lingerie since she doesn’t feel “classy,” and she’s a mother to her two children, Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green.

[Images: Claudia Alende and Megan Fox via Instagram]

On Instagram, Claudia refers to herself as a “Brazilian” and “Vice Miss Bumbum 2014.” She loves to post several photos of herself wearing revealing swimsuits, thong underwear, workout clothes, and not much else. Last year, Fox took to to her Facebook page to deny the rumors that she’s had Botox.

She shared the following four photos below in an album titled: “THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX.”

megan-fox-facebookmegan-fox-facebook megan-fox-facebook-2megan-fox-facebook-2

Claudia’s claim to fame was competing in the annual Miss BumBum pageant last year. One of Hollywood’s most beautiful women has ended her five-year marriage and 11-year relationship to Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green. She claims that she did not go under the knife to look like Megan Fox. This comes at the perfect time for the former Miss BumBum pageant contestant since everyone is talking about Megan Fox at the moment. The former Transformers actress rarely uses Instagram these days, but when she does, she shares selfies, inspiring quotes, and photos of her children. Can you tell which one’s Claudia Alende and who’s Megan Fox?


Claudia Alende is a 20-year-old model who hails from Parana, Brazil. In case you didn’t know, the Miss BumBum competition takes place every year in Brazil. The beauty also uses Instagram to share selfies and promote beauty products, just like any other model on the photo-sharing app.claudia-alende-4claudia-alende-4

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Soccer in Italy

Over their history, Juventus have won the Serie A 27 times, and have been runners up 21 times. The World Cup final will forever be remembered for the headbutt by Zinedine Zidane on Marco Materazzi, and the subsequent sending off. Not really fancied throughout the tournament, they won their games in rather dramatic fashion each time. But Italy was revived again when captain Fabio Cannavaro – one of the most famous soccer players from Italy, and coach Marcelo Lippi led the team to another World Cup victory in 2006. Legendary striker Giuseppe Meazza was the hero for both those wins, in the days when Italy was ruled by a dictatorship under Benito Mussolini. Along with Brazil, they also hold the record for winning the World Cup consecutive times-in 1934 and in the following World Cup in 1938. Those were the days when the penalty shootout hadn’t been devised yet, and with the draw, Italy won the second leg 2-0.

After a long, dry patch at the World Cup finals tournament without a tournament victory – which included a defeat in the 1970 World Cup final to Brazil – the Azzurri won the tournament in 1982, courtesy goals by Altobelli, Tardelli, and the legendary Paolo Rossi in the final against West Germany

Interesting Facts About the Italian National Soccer Team

Here are some interesting facts about the Italian National team.

Current Italian World Cup winning captain Fabio Cannavaro is the highest capped Italian, having worn the Azzurri jersey 135 times since his debut in 1997. Luigi Riva’s 35 goals in 42 appearances between 1965 and 1974 makes him the highest scoring player for the Italian team. The Italian national team played their first international game on the 15th of May 1910 against France in Milan – a game they won 6-2. On an unhappy summer’s day in Budapest on 6th April 1924, Italy suffered its most undignified defeat at the hands of Hungary, losing 7-1. Italy’s biggest victory has the date 2nd August stamped on it – the day the Azzurri triumphed 9-0 against the United States. So, these were some interest facts about the history of Italian soccer. The round of 16 knockout games against Australia is still talked about, because the penalty call which Totti later converted and won Italy the game is widely considered debatable. For all his achievements for the country, poor Roberto Baggio will perhaps always be remembered for missing the final penalty in that shootout.

Facts About Serie A

Here are a couple of interesting facts about domestic professional soccer in Italy.

Turin based club Juventus – nicknamed the Bianconeri (they play in white and black striped jerseys) and La Vecchia Signora – are the most successful domestic Italian teams. Internazionale, for all their efforts, have won the Serie A eighteen times in the competition’s 80-year history, and are the second most successful Italian club in that regard. Juventus, Internazionale, and Torino hold the joint record for the most number of championship titles won in consecutive seasons, with each club having won it 5 times on the trot. Former AC Milan and Italy national team captain Paolo Maldini one of the most famous Italians, holds the record for most number of appearances in the Serie A, having appeared a mind-boggling 647 times in the 25 years he played for AC Milan. Silvio Piola, who played with a host of Italian clubs, including Lazio, Torino, and Juventus, holds the record for the most number of goals in the top flight of Italian football, having scored 274 goals in 537 appearances. Goalkeeper Marco Ballotta is the oldest player to have ever played in the Serie A, and played his last game for Lazio at the age of 44 years and 38 days. It is at the top of the Italian domestic soccer pyramid. 9 more leagues follow, which may be categorized as professional and amateur soccer clubs. While Juventus remains the most supported club in Italy, other clubs like AS Roma, AC Milan, Internazionale, Napoli, and Lazio do evoke feverish levels of crowd support.

20 clubs compete for the Serie A title in Italy, which is played out in a round robin format, where each team plays the other team twice over the annual soccer season. They are the third most successful team in the Serie A – behind Juventus and Internazionale – having won 17 titles. Milan-based team and current Italian Champions Internazionale – nicknamed Nerazzuri, with respect to their black and blue striped jersey – are the only teams to have played out their glittering 102 year history in the topmost Italian league, and have never been relegated. The Serie A is the highest, most coveted domestic professional soccer league in Italy. The team known as the ‘Azzurri’ won the 2006 World Cup, taking their total tally of World Cup wins to 4, which makes them the nation which has won the second most number of World Cups – after Brazil. Juventus also holds the joint record for most Coppa Italia wins with AS Roma – 9 wins each. While Juventus have been successful domestically, it is AC Milan who have enjoyed success in European competitions – having won the Champions League 7 times compared to Juventus’ 2 Champions League successes. Italy won on penalties, and as Cannavaro lifted the famed Jules Rimet trophy up high, the whole nation was frenzied with jubilation.

Apart from their respective leagues, Italian clubs also compete in the Coppa Italia (Italian Cup), in which 78 Italian clubs from the top 4 leagues in Italy compete. The Serie A – known as Serie A TIM for sponsorship purposes with Italian telecom company TIM – is rated as the fourth best league in Europe today, behind the English Premier Division, Spanish La Liga, and the German Bundesliga.

There was heartbreak for Italy in 1994, where they lost the World Cup final to Brazil – again – this time on penalties. A career which saw him play for 11 clubs in his 26 years in Italian football, Ballotta never managed to make it to the national team. The Italian National Squad

The second part of this article deals with the exploits of their national team. It is a cultural identity. The domestic structure ensures entry of fresh teams each year, by relegating the bottom three teams to the lower league, while promoting three teams from the lower league to the Serie A.. The Coppa Italia is played in a knockout format, as opposed to the point-based ranking system which the leagues follow.

Soccer is a passion in most countries across the world, but few nations can match the passion that the Italians have for their soccer. The European Championship was won in 1968 in the only major international competition where a second final was played as a tie-breaker. Italy drew against Yugoslavia ‘1-1′ after extra time. Soccer in Italy – like I said, is more than just a passion. Four World Cup wins and one European Championship glory for its national team aside, Italian football clubs have also competed in more European club championship finals (26) than clubs of any other country. And we haven’t even got around to talking about the Italian fans yet! The curvas (home stands) across the nation stand firmly behind the goals of the home team, warning the visitors off their home turf with joy and menace in equal measure.

Domestic Soccer

When trying to understand the significance and importance of soccer in Italy, one has to visit the grassroot setup of Italian football, the training ground of the future stars of the game. The rich history of silverware wins for Italian clubs continues further, with more players winning the coveted annual Ballon d’Or award (18) for individual footballing excellence, while playing for an Italian club than playing for a club in any other country. The semi-final against Germany went into extra time, and just when everyone thought there would be a penalty shootout, Fabio Grosso and Alessandro Del Piero scored two goals in the final minutes of the game. An identifying aspect of an Italian is the club he roots for

MTG Prolongs Exclusive Broadcasting Rights to UEFA Champions League Football in Scandinavia

The pay-tv channels are distributed on Viasats own satellite platforms in 9 countries, as well as on third party broadcast networks (including cable, satellite and IPTV) and over the open internet. This is a key right for us, and the extension of our exclusive broadcasting rights to the UEFA Champions League further strengthens our long standing and successful relationship with UEFA and TEAM Marketing, who have made an outstanding job of developing this event. The rights include, but are not limited to, broadcast coverage on free-TV, pay-TV, mobile devices and the Internet.

Danish viewers will be able to watch the first pick games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on free-TV channel TV3+. These free-TV and pay-TV channels and pay-TV platforms attract a total of 125 million viewers in 33 countries. MTGs Class A and B shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholms Large Cap index under the symbols MTGA and MTGB.

The information in this announcement is that which Modern Times Group MTG AB is required to disclose under the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. We continue to focus on the development of our premium content offering, and look forward to bringing our viewers the very best in global sports entertainment.

Hans-Holger Albrecht, President and CEO of MTG, commented: The UEFA Champions League is the worlds best club football championship and has a dedicated and passionate fanbase across Scandinavia. MTG’s Viasat Broadcasting operates 28 free-TV channels in 11 countries and 38 pay-tv channels in 32 countries.


Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ.) (MTG or the Group)(STO:MTGA)(STO:MTGB), the international entertainment broadcasting group, today announced that it has prolonged its exclusive live broadcasting rights to UEFA Champions League football in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, until the end of the 2014/2015 championship in the Spring of 2015. Viasat will also broadcast additional coverage on its portfolio of thematic pay-TV channels. It was released for publication at 10.00 CET on 21 June 2011.

Modern Times Group is a growth company and generated SEK 13.1 billion of sales and SEK 2.4 billion of operating income in 2010. MTG already holds the exclusive broadcasting rights to the UEFA Champions League until the end of the 2011/2012 season and has broadcast coverage of the championship since 1993.

MTG will broadcast all of the Champions League matches on its free-TV and pay-TV channels in Scandinavia, and will also make them available on its multi-screen internet-based video streaming service Viaplay, which offers live coverage of premium sports events to personal computers, tablets, smart phones and internet-connected TVs.

Swedish viewers will be able to watch the Tuesday games live on free-TV channel TV10, and Wednesday games live on pay-TV channel Viasat Football. Viasat is the home of sports in Scandinavia, and we have now provided coverage of Champions League matches for eighteen years. Additional coverage will also be made available on Viasats satellite pay-TV platform. Additional coverage will be shown on Viasats portfolio of thematic pay-TV channels.

For further information, please visit www.mtg.se

This information was brought to you by Cision http://www.cisionwire.com

. Second pick games will be made available on TV2 SPORT, the joint venture sports channel that MTG operates together with TV2 Denmark.

The rights have been acquired via TEAM Marketing, UEFAs world wide agent for the exploitation of commercial rights to the UEFA Champions League. MTG is also the largest shareholder in Russias leading independent television broadcaster (CTC Media Nasdaq: CTCM).


Modern Times Group is an international entertainment broadcasting group with the largest geographical broadcast footprint in Europe.

All of the UEFA Champions League games will also be made available on Viaplay in each of the three countries.

Norwegian viewers will be able to watch the Tuesday games live on pay-TV channel Viasat Football, while the Wednesday games will be broadcast live on free-TV channel Viasat 4.

We are better positioned than ever today to provide viewers with the very best in sports entertainment across our extensive portfolio of free-TV and pay-TV channels, as well as over the open internet

Bayern Munich Signs Deutsche Telekom to Largest Ever Football Sponsorship Deal

All Rights Reserved. The size of the deal is explained in its small print — a large chunk of the compensation is performance related, which means the club might not see it.

Coming Next: Naming rights contracts for major stadia such as Chelsea F.C.’s Stamford Bridge and Liverpool’s “new Anfield” stadium at Stanley Park. Those deals could easily be larger than lead sponsor/shirt logo deals that have previously been football’s advertising bread-and-butter.

BNET’s Global Football Sponsorship Deal League:

Bayern Munich: 25.5 million a year (through 2013) with Deutsche Telekom/T-HomeLiverpool: 20 million a year (81 million over four years) with Standard CharteredManchester United: 20 million a year (80 million over four years) with AonReal Madrid: 18.3 million a year (55 million over three years) with Bwin.comJuventus: 15 million a year (75 million over five years) with TamoilChelsea: 12.5 million a year (37.5 million over three years) with SamsungManchester City: 8m a year (24 million over three years) with Etihad Airways.Arsenal: 6.7 million a year (100 million over 15 years) with Emirates

2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. First, German teams have a much smaller international following than the giant brands of the English and Spanish leagues. (News of the Audi bid was probably a negotiating tactic to put pressure on Deutsche Telekom — both Manchester and Liverpool floated putative competitor sponsors before signing with Aon and Standard Chartered, respectively.)

Last Updated Nov 20, 2009 1:07 PM EST

Bayern Munich has landed the biggest lead sponsorship deal on the planet: 25.5 million (25 million, $37.3 million)a year from Deutsche Telekom, whose T-Home brand adorns the Bundesliga team’s shirts. The deal — which runs through 2013 — puts Bayern atop BNET’s Global Football Sponsorship Deal League (see below), vaulting Liverpool F.C., Manchester United and Real Madrid, who all cut new deals this year.

The Bayern pact is a surprise for two reasons. Lastly, the swathe of new deals signed by the biggest clubs this year show that despite the recession there has been no slackening of interest or decline in demand for football sponsorships.

Second, Bayern had been believed to be in talks with Audi for a 90 million deal. That negotiation appears to have been set aside for T-Home.

Football’s Biggest Wins and Highest Scoring Matches.

Is it unsporting behavior to run up the score against inferior opposition? In Chelsea’s case, it was easy to justify, as goal difference could have been the difference between them winning and not winning the league. The manger was subsequently suspended by the Madagascar football federation for three years, while SOE players Mamisoa Razafindrakoto, Manitranirinana Andrianiaina, Nicolas Rakotoarimanana, and Dominique Rakotonandrasana were suspended until the end of the 2002 season.

Telegraph, The, April 14, 2001 by Mark Jeffreys

Sunday Herald, The, Jan 19, 2003 by Natasha Woods


Guardian, The, November 29, 2002

. Public Domain.” data-credit-link=”http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Arbroath/Arbroath.htm” src=”https://static.suite.io/article_images/orig/3a6fa65e-e842-42bc-a04a-b2c285dc148d.jpg” title=”Arbroath 1885″/>Every now and again football throws up some terribly one-sided matches. Unterhaching’s David Zdrilic got 8 goals. As Adema 149-0 SOE Antananarivo

If you were under the impression that it would be impossible to score 149 goals in a 90 minute match you would be correct. As Samoa’s coach Lui noted, ‘We don’t know what Australia were trying to prove scoring all those goals.’ In the end, Australia’s massive win didn’t do them any good. The following is a list of the highest winning margins of all time. Australia 31-0 American Samoa.

In American Samoa’s entire history as an international football team they had managed only one victory. They effectively had to play with a third choice eleven, which had an average age of 18 and included two 15 year olds. During the 2009-2010 Barclays English Premier League season, eventual champions Chelsea put 7 past Stoke, Aston Villa, and Sunderland, and 8 past Wigan (who also lost 9-1 to Tottenham Hotspur). Despite scoring 73 goals in the qualifiers, they were defeated 3-1 in a playoff against Uruguay, missing out on an a place at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea.

31st October 2002. The majority of their national team had just been declared ineligible by FIFA over passport issues, and they were unable to call up their under 20 players to replace them, as most of them were sitting highschool exams. ‘I’ve got to tell you they are woeful’, said David Smith, their Australian liason officer, ‘the reserves of a seventh division amateur side would beat them.’ And their opponents were Australia. The match between AS Adema and SOE, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as the extraordinary result only came about as a result of a strange protest.

12th September 1885. Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord.

36-0 is a cricket score, which is appropriate considering Bon Accord were a cricket team who had been entered into the Scottish Football Cup by mistake. Australia, who were ranked 128 places above them. Part of you wants them to stop, while another part wants them to continue to tear them apart.

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Schalke begins Bundesliga with 3-0 win at Werder Bremen

BERLIN (AP) Schalke started its Bundesliga season with a 3-0 victory at Werder Bremen on Saturday while promoted Ingolstadt claimed its first top-level win.

Bremen defender Theodor Gebre Selassie scored an own goal with an unstoppable chip in off the underside of the bar while trying to clear Joel Matip’s cross in the 34th.

Matip then set up Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting in the 68th and Klaas Jan Huntelaar rounded off the scoring in the 85th after a brilliant run from Leroy Sane.

Ingolstadt defeated Mainz 1-0 away thanks to Lukas Hinterseer’s 66th-minute winner, Hertha Berlin won 1-0 at Augsburg as both sides finished with 10 men, Bayer Leverkusen came from behind to beat Hoffenheim 2-1 and promoted Darmstadt drew 2-2 at home with Hannover.

Borussia Dortmund was hosting Borussia Moenchengladbach later.

Behind Enemy Lines: Manchester United v Club Brugge – UEFA Champions League 2015/16

Our weakest point might be our finishing. The fans sang it before, during and after the game and it had an impact on the AC Milan fans as well.

My name is Steven Imschoot (30) and I’ve been a fan of Club Brugge since I was a young boy. He struggled to control even the simplest pass into feet and when he actually did manage to get one under control, he would inevitably miss-place the pass.

Finally, what are your score and goal scorer predictions for the big match?

Our defence will have their hands full against Manchester’s forward players, so I’m interested to see how they will deal with that.

Goals: Obbi Oulare and Abdoulay Diaby for Club Brugge and Memphis Depay for Manchester United.

I was hoping to draw Manchester United as our five possible opponents were all very good sides. For this mid-week fixture, mufclatest.com spoke to Club Brugge season ticket holder Steven and this is what he had to tell us:

‘Who are ye’?

What do you think of Manchester United a) the club, b) the fans and c) the team? You can be as honest as you like with this one!

Another thing is that we have a lot of young players in our squad. He should get chances against Brugge, however if his slump continues this week, Louis van Gaal may have to seriously up his game in terms of recruiting another striker as at this point it would appear that Rooney is the only player in the squad without any genuine challenge for his place in the starting XI. I expect a game with two offensive minded teams. Never say never.

It’s difficult to know what to expect this Tuesday evening when Manchester United play host to Club Brugge in the first leg of the Champions League qualifier. At Villa Park, Wayne Rooney gave quite possibly his worst display in a United jersey. That’s the main reason why Gent leapfrogged us at the end of the Play-Offs.

For me Manchester United is one of the top teams in the world. It happened in 2003 visiting AC Milan for the Champions League Group Stage fixture. They lack the experience of big games that all the Manchester United players have. For me personally I dislike Anderlecht most of all.

I don’t have a particular opposition player that irritates me, but I’m not a fan of players who are very physical (elbows etc) or go down easy.

Tell us something interesting about Club Brugge that we may not know?

If there is a particular area of concern, it must be the striker situation. When the Play-Offs started Club had to play two more games against Dnipropetrovsk.

Club were already struggling with injuries, half-fit players and tiredness.

Francesco Totti heard it at Jan Breydel when he visited Club Brugge with AS Roma and is believed to have said he couldn’t get the song out of his head (read more: http://deadspin.com/5875933/how-the-song-seven-nation-army-conquered-the-sports-world)

Club Brugge had no time to give players some rest to recover, while Gent had time to prepare for the Play-Offs. Yet despite that, we are struggling yet again to create chances.

Club Brugge fans are alleged to have introduced the football anthem ‘Seven Nations Army’ by The White Stripes. We had never expected to win at San Siro when we visited AC Milan in 2003, but Andres Mendoza’s goal was enough to get the three points. At the attacking end, we are blessed with an embarrassment of creative riches. Not least because United have never faced last season’s Belgian Pro League runners-up, but mainly because you just don’t know what you’re going to get from United these days.

Which Manchester United player would you most like to see playing for your team and why?

Where do you think this weekend’s fixture will be won and lost?

Anderlecht is Club Brugge’s archrival, apart from city rivals Cercle Brugge. Over the years I’ve seen quite a number of European teams come to Club Brugge, but that we’ve drawn Manchester United stands out for me.

My first game dates back to 1997 when Club Brugge visited KAA Gent on the opening fixture of that season. After the regular season (30 games), the top six play each other twice in a ten-fixture Play-Offs. His performance was epitomised in the final minute when he was put through on goal only to see his first touch force the ball so far away from goal that he ended up kicking the ball out for a throw-in as he raced to the by-line to keep the ball in play.

How did you feel when the draw was announced? Were you disappointed about the difficulty of the challenge or excited by the prospect of maybe beating one of Europe’s big guns?

You seem to have a complicated format in the Belgian Pro League. If we play Manchester United, we won’t get tons of clear-cut chances. Before the start of the Play-Offs the gathered points are halved to make it more “interesting” (e.g.: if you end the regular season with 76 points, you start the Play-Offs with 38).

Phew, the most difficult question of all, but here it goes:

Which club and which player in particular do you dislike most?

After the regular season, and just before the start of the Play-Offs, Club Brugge still had to play the Belgian Cup against Anderlecht (and won it) a few days after the 1-3 win at Besiktas in the Europa League. The players, the ground, Sir Alex Ferguson having been the manager for so long. He scores goals so easily, always has an eye for his teammates and yet he looks to be just one of the guys.

It will be great to see Club Brugge take on Manchester United. What happened?

The demand for tickets is high so I expect a cheerful stadium that’s filled to the brim with Club Brugge and traveling fans supporting their team in high voice. I’ve been a season ticket holder since I was 14 or 15 years old and the last couple of years I’m part of Club Brugge’s webteam on a voluntary base.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Wayne Rooney. It will be almost impossible to beat Manchester United, certainly in two legs, but there’s always that sliver of hope football fans have. And perhaps the players won’t be as focused as they should be, since they are “only” playing a Belgian team.

Tuesday night represents a chance for Rooney to open his account for the season. So much so that Friday night’s match winner at Villa Park, Adnan Januzaj, couldn’t even make the match day squad on the opening game of the season. You were top after all 16 teams played each other twice (30 games) but you lost the title to Gent. Club Brugge won 0-4 and I’ve been a passionate fan ever since.

Manchester United have never faced Club Brugge, so what can United fans expect when they travel to Brugge for the second leg?

2-1 away victory

All the talk this summer has been about United desperately needing a centre back, yet after two tricky games this season, and without last season’s player of the year David de Gea, we have yet to concede a goal. That’s a big disadvantage as well.

The pacy and agile wing forwards of Club Brugge are possibly our strongest asset. We will have to be very clinical in front of goal.

It’s indeed a complicated format. Man Utd was the most thrilling side and the advantage is that the Premier League has only just started so the team is perhaps not completely ready. He’s one of my favourite players in the world. Ideally the tie will not be decided at Old Trafford so there’s still something to play for at Jan Breydel.

Obviously most – if not all – Manchester United players would be one of the best in our squad, but if I could pick one, it would definitely be Rooney.